Frequently Asked Questions

At Lone Star Stock we like to keep things simple. You have the option to purchase individual assets. packs of 2 or packs of 5. That’s it. No subscription needed and no burdensome or complicated licensing agreement.

All assets on Lone Star Stock are exclusive to our site and can be utilized for any personal or commercial project.

We want you to have the highest quality asset at our regular price because why not.

Yes. Our team at Lone Star Stock are full time video production and editors based in Texas. Check out our video reel here and give us a shout if we can be of help.

Yes. In fact, it’s what we do. Reach out if you need a specific clip or a custom audio track for your next project.

Because Texas. Nothing else to say. 

All of our music tracks are exclusive to Lone Star Stock and are created by our amazing stable of Texas musicians.

You cannot upload our assets by themselves to Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Facebook, etc. You cannot create music or sing over our music tracks. You cannot utilize automated or excessive downloading.

Custom Images

Want your own unique, premium stock images? Let our team create custom photography that is tailored for your audience with the Lone Star look and feel.


How can you make the most out of your assets?

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Custom Video Production

Want your own unique, premium stock footage? Let our team create custom videos tailored for your audience with the Lone Star look and feel.